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Yacht service

Complex yacht service

The complex service of yachts will allow keeping the vessel in working order for a long period. Focusing on the wishes of the client and taking into account the design features of water transport, our specialists will perform a comprehensive service of sailing yachts and motorboats:

  • analyze the functionality of the electronic control system and steering wheel;
  • carry out the necessary repair work;
  • carry out a thorough cleaning and washing outside and inside the vessel;
  • will make and replace awning covers;
  • install, configure and check navigation equipment;
  • check the performance of GPS equipment;
  • will restore or modernize the upper deck, planking, and interior of the cabins;
  • will carry out measures to prepare for the “conservation” for the winter.

If you need a comprehensive service of motor yachts or sailing vessels in Kiev or Odessa, please contact us at any time – we are ready to provide services in our service center or at the parking lot of water transport.

Emergency yacht assistance

During the operation of a motor or sailing yacht, there are situations when urgent maintenance is required. The Yacht Band staff is ready to provide emergency assistance with hundreds of refurbished vessels of various configurations behind them. We make every effort to meet the customer’s expectations: we conduct a thorough diagnosis of damage and malfunctions, use high-quality materials and parts, and set fair prices. You can contact us if maintenance is required:

 The main functional units and parts – motor, transmission, generator, battery, windlass, navigation system. We also have everything you need to patch up holes in the hull.

Additional devices and systems – ventilation, air conditioner, pump and pump depth gauge, household appliances, audio equipment, outboard engine, etc.