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Graduation on a yacht

Price per 1 hour

$ 30-700

    Graduation is a milestone date in young people’s lives, and therefore should be celebrated in a big way, such as holding a celebration ceremony on one of our luxury yachts.

    Our competent team will take care of arranging the perfect venue for the memorable event, selecting decorations according to the type of celebration and customizable options to tailor the celebration to the occasion.

    Why should you celebrate graduation on a yacht?

    Graduation is just around the corner, even though graduation and university are still months away! If you’re one of the lucky ones graduating with a new degree this year, you’re probably already thinking about how you’ll celebrate the occasion.

    Getting your diploma is a major life achievement, which means you should throw a big party to celebrate it.

    That’s why this time you should do without celebrating in a restaurant and have an incredible night spent on a yacht.

    Celebrate like a celebrity

    Thanks to our catering partners, we’ll provide everything from full service to a buffet. And musical accompaniment? Yacht Band can help you invite musicians or a DJ to set the perfect mood for your evening.

    Renting a yacht is a great solution for guests of all ages.

    There will likely be more than one generation of invitees at the graduation party. You need to organize the party so that both young friends and adult members of your family, as well as little brothers and sisters, can have a lot of fun! You’ll have plenty of options for entertainment, food, and drinks for all ages of guests during your boat rental. While your mom enjoys a glass of wine and you go out on the dance floor, the little ones can play board games.

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