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Romantic dinner in Kiev on a yacht

Price per 1 hour

$ 35-700

    Romantic dinner in Kiev on a comfortable yacht

    In our pragmatic and dynamically developing age, romance has by no means acquired the status of atavism. On the contrary, loving hearts try, as before, to bring exciting notes into relationships, surprise and please each other with something special, unusual. For lovers in Kiev, a romantic dinner on a yacht will be organized by the Yacht Band Company, which practices the provision of high-quality service related to the rental of floating craft plying on the water smooths of the Dnieper River.

    Romance on the water surface of the Dnieper

    Any trip, in principle, evokes a lot of new feelings, so if a relationship requires renewal, or there is a need to bring a touch of delight, dreaminess to them, a yacht trip with dinner will come in handy. There are several arguments in favor of just such a joint pastime:

    • firstly, this is not a banal joint visit to a restaurant, such an offer is perceived by the weaker sex with predictable delight;
    • secondly, natural beauty and fresh air are an excellent entourage for the manifestation of tender feelings;
    • and, thirdly, dinner on a yacht is an extraordinary event, and you can be sure that after many years it will remain in your memory, and its participants will tell their descendants about it.

    The Yacht Band has a lot of experience in organizing such events. We will make sure that the walk is as comfortable as possible; we will ensure the safety of being on the water.

    Our suggestions

    The catalog on the company’s website contains yachts and boats of various classes in perfect technical and aesthetic condition, so it will not be difficult to choose a vessel that matches the budget of the upcoming event. You can apply and organize a memorable dinner on a boat in Kiev on the online resource of the Yacht Band Company. Our manager will promptly contact you to clarify the details of the proposed action, take note of all the wishes and will certainly include them in the service package. The base point of departure is the Riviera yacht club and the river station, but at the request of the client, we will take lovers on board from any berth on the embankment, where you can moor a rented vessel.

    Order a romantic dinner on a ship in Kiev for two, and enjoy one-on-one communication, give each other unforgettable moments of delight and fulfillment of your innermost desires.

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