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$ 30-700

    Sappboarding is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide in the field of active water recreation. It consists of surfboarding and paddleboarding. You don’t need waves or wind to ride a sipboard! Moreover, you can learn how to board a sapboard right in Kiev: sapboarding in Kiev is a young enough, but rapidly gaining momentum in the direction of non-standard and active city tours.

    Sapboarding is a weekend activity.

    Sapboarding is an exciting hobby that allows you to combine several types of water activities. With the team of Yacht Band you can quickly become familiar with this unusual and amazing kind of sport rafting.

    Things you can do on a sapsurf


    SUP surfing is one of the most fun things to do on a SUP. Surfers consider this type of sporting activity one of the best types of cross-training that you can apply to improve your surfing level.

    2.SUP Yoga

    Take advantage of the practice of yoga on the water with SUP yoga. Fish swimming by tend to bring life to your yoga practice compared to a traditional practice. In addition, the sounds of nature will help you fall into a peaceful meditation.

    3. SUP hiking.

    SUP hiking involves paddling long distances at a moderate pace without interruption. If epic adventures (and intense training) get you excited, SUP hiking is your new hobby. The best touring boards have a wider pattern, allowing you to carry more weight and extra gear.

    4.A Romantic Date.

    Admire the sunset, have a picnic, or go on a weekend paddleboarding trip to a new place. Just don’t fall and embarrass yourself.


    Sail along uncharted shorelines and discover crystal clear waters filled with a multitude of marine life.

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