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Price per 1 hour

$ 30-150

    Wakeboarding for outdoor enthusiasts – we organize at the highest level

    If you are a lover of outdoor activities and want to organize your leisure time in such a way as to get a sea of ​​vivid impressions and indescribable emotions, we suggest paying attention to wakeboarding. It is an extreme sport that combines elements of water ski slalom, acrobatics, and jumping. It has similarities with snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and is popular in many countries around the world. And if you are interested in such an offer, I would like to personally find out what wakeboarding is, Kiev has a worthy solution. This is the Yacht Band Company.

    What the Yacht Band offers to clients

    If you are interested in the proposal under consideration, we are ready to provide:

    • a boat under the control of an experienced specialist;
    • necessary equipment;
    • the opportunity to undergo a short briefing on safety rules.

    Of course, if we consider the rental of wakeboards, Kiev will provide other offers. But Yacht Band is one of the few companies that guarantee financial affordability and quality of services, excluding even minor troubles. And all that you need to do is to discuss the details of service with the employees of the company, find out the conditions of interest.

    If we talk about how much wakeboarding will cost, the price of entertainment will be within acceptable limits. The exact cost is announced individually, taking into account the duration of the rental of water transport and sports equipment, additional services.

    Pros of contacting the Yacht Band

    Recently, Ukraine has begun to take an active interest in such a sport as wakeboarding. Therefore, we have done our best to provide quality service, we guarantee our customers:

    • Provision of regularly passing maintenance, serviceable water transport with appropriate technical characteristics.
    • High-quality sports equipment that allows you to fully enjoy your leisure time, get a sea of ​​unforgettable impressions.
    • Services of a team of experienced professionals who do everything necessary to maintain a high level of service.
    • Possibility to order other services, for example, rent a comfortable yacht of interesting capacity for organizing a corporate party, hen/bachelor party, romantic evening for two and a family walks along the Dnieper through the river station.

    If we talk about the conditions under which a wakeboard rental is provided, Kiev will not offer better options than the Yacht Band.

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