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Price per 1 hour

$ 30-700

    If there is an activity that combines both personal and professional qualities, it’s team sailing. It’s a great way to give your team a variety of experiences while getting in touch with nature. It also tests the abilities of each of its participants.

    How will the regatta go?

    The regatta will begin in the bay. After a brief speech from the observers, first of all, each participant will be given a sailing polo, which will be fully personalized for the occasion. Then you’ll head to the locker rooms and kick off a day of nautical team building!

    Once everyone is ready, professional skippers will give you safety tips and advice on how to handle a sailboat. For most of you, this will be your first regatta experience, but don’t worry. In groups of 6/7 people you will board the sailboat accompanied by your skipper who will advise you along the way.

    After your first introduction to the sea and the various mechanisms of sailing boats, it’s time to start the regatta. You have three hours ahead in a different atmosphere, where in a relaxed atmosphere you will work and develop your skills

    Basic teamwork skills

    Adaptation and development strategy

    This is when you will be able to show your adaptability in a new work environment: for a couple of hours we will part with our laptops and cell phones… A sailboat will be transformed into your new office. You will have to get used to this space, share it with your colleagues and cope with unexpected circumstances that may arise during the regatta. Once you’ve completed your training and mastered the boat, it’s time to develop a winning strategy. You must make suggestions and work together to develop the “route” you will try to take to get to the top and show your disposition to make a difference.

    Coordination and Communication.

    The main goal of the regatta is to improve communication between the various team members. Throughout all phases of the regatta, you will strive together toward a common goal: to be first at the finish line.

    While in the middle of the sea, you will try to improve communication with your team members, communicate the right messages with instructions and coordinate specific actions such as setting the course, adjusting sails and setting objectives.


    All team members will rotate and take on different roles on the sailboat. Although you will be accompanied at all times by a skipper who will give you advice and support, one of the roles you will have to take on is that of a leader.

    Sometimes you have to act under pressure, and this is one of those moments: you have to manage time, make quick decisions and change crews in a matter of seconds. You’ll have to deal with all the issues that arise during the voyage.

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