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Walks along the Dnieper on a yacht

Price per 1 hour

$ 35-700

    Walks along the Dnieper on a yacht

    The organization of leisure time may not seem difficult; however, the problem of quality recreation is actualized whenever it comes to choosing entertainment. It is especially difficult to have a rest so that everyone who participates in the event is satisfied. Trips on different types of yachts are one of the few opportunities to satisfy everyone who spends time on the water.

    Features of water recreation

    In principle, it does not really matter whether you live in the capital, organize a corporate party, how tourists decided to visit Kiev – walks along the Dnieper on a speed boat or a yacht gliding smoothly along the river surface will take a worthy place in the entertainment schedule. Every time, when we enter the deck of a boat or yacht from the firmament, we are visited by hitherto unknown sensations, and the surrounding beauty of the banks of the main waterway of the country simply cannot leave indifferent even the most notorious skeptics.

    Thanks to the services provided by the Yacht Band, walks along the Dnieper are no longer an entertainment for the elite, since expensive pleasure boats are offered for rent at an hourly rate. For many years we have been organizing recreation on the water, we have sufficient experience and qualified specialists who are fluent in the skills of operating watercraft. In favor of cooperation with our company, such facts as:

    • the ability to choose an acceptable rental price due to a wide selection of yachts and boats;
    • many options for events: from a romantic walk for two to corporate events for employees;
    • a well-tuned algorithm for organizing walks.

    Our specialists will take care of the safety of passengers, give a short briefing.

    How to order an exciting yacht trip along the Dnieper?

    Yacht trip price along the Dnieper is formed on the basis of basic parameters – the class of the boat and the time of its lease, and taking into account the huge selection of yachts and boats at our disposal, you have the opportunity to optimize your costs without compromising the quality of rest. In a conversation with the manager, indicate the landing point: it can be the Riviera Yacht Club, the river station or any other place on the embankment, adapted for the mooring of the vessel and receiving passengers on board.

    Walking along the Dnieper on a yacht is a luxury entertainment. Properly organized and carried out, it will leave extremely positive emotions. Many moments will turn out to be the brightest and most enjoyable, and you will certainly want to repeat them.

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