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Yacht wedding

Price per 1 hour

$ 30-700

    Yacht wedding

    We are not able to predict how the relationship of the newlyweds will develop in the future, but there is almost one hundred percent unanimity regarding the organization of the wedding celebration: the holiday should be beautiful, full of romantic events, and memorable for many years. A yacht wedding meets all of the above criteria and can be considered an ideal option for newlyweds and invited guests.

    A celebration on the water: the benefits

    Having been on a river walk at least once, one can understand why a wedding on a yacht is so attractive – Kiev from the Dnieper opens up with picturesque landscapes, and at night the embankments, colored with lights, look even more spectacular. Such a holiday is full of romance, the contemplation of the beauty and the lapping of the waves cause delight and enthusiasm not only among the newlyweds, but also among those who are lucky enough to become a part of family history, which arises in an amazing, unusual setting. In addition, it is also a great opportunity to acquaint guests of the city with its beauties. And these are, perhaps, the main arguments in favor of organizing a wedding in Kiev on a ship – be it a mass event on a boat or a celebration for a narrow circle of people on a luxury yacht. But these are far from all the advantages of a wedding on the water, you must also take into account that:

    • the wedding photo session will be distinguished by originality and special charm;
    • fresh air combined with a comfortable atmosphere always has a good mood and has a great effect on the general atmosphere of the holiday;
    • the intimacy of the event, limited by the side of a ship located far from the coast, will not allow uninvited guests to get on it.

    A wedding in Kiev on a yacht, motor ship or boat with the help of a rented vessel will be an unforgettable event and a wonderful romantic gift for newlyweds.

    We order a wedding celebration on the water

    The Yacht Band Company offers for rent comfortable vessels of various displacements, cruising along the picturesque water surface of the Dnieper. All boats are in perfect technical condition, have permits for safe operation. Our specialists have sufficient experience to ensure that a wedding in Kiev on a yacht, boat or motor ship is held at the highest level.

    You can choose a floating craft from the online catalog, which contains all the technical characteristics, illustrations of the interior and appearance of the vessel offered for rent.

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