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Yacht sales in Kiev: the best choice, and how to avoid mistakes when buying?

Buying a yacht is a crucial moment that requires a businesslike, competent and unhurried approach to the choice of vessel and to the execution of the agreement itself. To do this, it is important to find a reliable company that offers comprehensive services for safe and comfortable shopping. Today, for those who want to buy comfortable transport on the water, there is good news: you can buy a yacht in Ukraine with the help of the company Yacht Band, which specializes in this business!

Preparing to buy a yacht

A yacht is a vessel with a complex mechanism and a lot of features, so even experienced sailors do not just make a choice. Given that the pleasure is not cheap, an inexperienced owner should use the knowledge of experts who are well versed in the acquisition and operation of vessels of this type. Of course, this is not about depriving yourself of an exciting and enjoyable process of choosing a comfortable, economical water transport. But if you doubt your knowledge and experience, use the services of Yacht Band specialists! Our manager professionally:

  • Offer options for sale courts; answer questions of interest to the buyer;
  • will analyze the technical and operational parameters of the vessel;
  • will reveal the advantages and warn about the disadvantages of a particular option. A full consultation will allow the buyer to better form an idea of ​​which ship best meets his needs and capabilities, including financial.

Registration of documents of purchase and sale of a yacht

Yacht sales in Kyiv and the regions of Ukraine are one of the activities of the Yacht Band. The stages of the agreement have been worked out to the smallest detail. To make it not only profitable, but also legally pure, experienced managers of our company will help you with the choice, preparation of a package of documents, control the procedure of purchase and sale, tell you where best to take out yacht insurance, help register it. If necessary, an expert assessment of the vessel is carried out to confirm its technical condition. Features of choice When buying water transport, you need to consider several nuances that help optimize the choice. First of all, decide: with a budget:

  • the price of yachts, depending on their equipment, displacement starts from several tens of thousands of hryvnias;
  • with ship class: sailing or motor;
  • new or used:

it is known that secondary market prices are more affordable, but fans of everything new are not inspired by this fact. In addition, the manufacturer provides a guarantee for new yachts. There are advantages to buying a boat that has been in operation for some time. The benefit is not only financial, but also in terms of operation: after launching, the defects of the hull are detected and eliminated quickly enough, the engine is run-in, if it is a yacht with a power plant.

Favorable offers from Yacht Band

The informative catalog, posted on the Yacht Band website, contains a number of primary evaluation data, including:

  • Bright photos of the interior and interior of ships for sale;
  • yacht type; length from nose to stern in feet;
  • year of construction;
  • estimated cost (the final price will be specified by the manager).

It does not matter in which waters you plan to use the ship (at sea, river or reservoir), you can buy a yacht in Kiev, Odessa and other regions with the help of the Yacht Band! Motor and sailing yachts of different tonnage with the number of seats 6-15 and more, with 1-4 cabins are offered to your attention

Potential buyers can choose options for ships in a wide price range, with standard cabin finishes and luxury interiors. All offered yachts are carefully checked for signs of corrosion, deformation, holes in the hull. The condition of the propellers is monitored, all cockpit systems are tested. If necessary, oil samples are subjected to laboratory tests. On the basis of the received information, the skilled expert makes the objective report on a technical condition of the vessel which is provided to buyers. Trust the professionals!

Top yachts


    Build year 2007
    length  ft

    $ 2 000 000


  • Bavaria

    Build year 1985
    length 23 ft

    $ 25 000


  • Friendship 25

    Build year
    length 22.9 ft

    $ 9 999