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Tea ceremony on a yacht

Price per 1 hour

$ 35-700

    The Yacht Band offers a new kind of luxury to organize a traditional tea ceremony on a comfortable yacht. This is an opportunity to spend time in an original, bright and interesting way. The journey is filled with mystery, romance and complete relaxation. A similar ritual, originally from China, has characteristic features, is carried out according to certain rules. It is important not only to prepare a tasty, aromatic drink, but also to serve it appropriately. A tea ceremony on a yacht is the best way to relax in a pleasant environment, get positive emotions, and enjoy the river breeze of the Dnieper.

    How much does a tea ceremony cost on a ship

    Renting a boat for a pleasant pastime is a great opportunity to appreciate all the charm of Kiev from the water surface. A team of professionals is developing an interesting route to surprise guests with unforgettable views. The catalog contains models of different capacities in a wide price range. The offers are available for people with high and middle income levels.

    What determines the price of a walk:

    • size, class of the leased vessel;
    • duration of travel;
    • number of seats;
    • the comfort of the swimming facility;
    • a number of additional services (food, parking, stopping at several berths).

    The rental price includes the services of an experienced crew, which is responsible for the good mood of the guests, safety and quality of the trip. If you decide to find out about such leisure as a tea ceremony on a yacht, you can organize a vacation in Kiev using the offers of the Yacht Band company. We offer to rent sailing and motor boats for any purpose romantic dinner, wine tour, corporate party, business meeting, different types of wedding celebrations, graduations, birthdays.

    How is the walk

    Guests are greeted by friendly staff, familiarized with the structure of the vessel, and instructed on safety. Passengers are provided with an outdoor recreation area, comfortable sofas, and an autonomous audio system. An extraordinary date with a tea ritual will be remembered by a couple in love or a group of friends. The team provides impeccable service, takes care of an unforgettable excursion along the main river of the country. The walk gives you the opportunity to see places that are inaccessible to visit in another way.

    Benefits of ordering with us

    8 reasons to rent a yacht with us:

    1. the ability to choose a vessel, taking into account personal preferences and budget;
    2. convenient parking depending on the route;
    3. professional crew;
    4. increased comfort;
    5. planned route;
    6. process control from the main office;
    7. extensive experience in the field of organizing water activities;
    8. hourly payment for the service guarantees cost optimization.

    Every year we improve the quality of the service provided, form new profitable offers. The fleet of yachts and boats consists of 50 or more vessels that undergo compulsory maintenance to keep the craft in good condition. The company’s staff also renews the interior, and, if necessary, replaces and modernizes the interior.

    You can order a tea ceremony on a yacht directly through the website. The manager is responsible for placing the order, which will agree on the date and time of the lease, recommend the best option for the event, and provide information on prices. The consultation also includes recommendations on collecting things, what shoes are advisable to wear, what to take on the road, answers to frequently asked questions.

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